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Yes; We transfers to DVD!

Do you have an original home movie recorded on VHS, VHS-C, 8mm, and Mini DV?  Do you have a format we didn’t list, if you do just bring your camera in and we will use it to make the transfer.  Not all transfers are from older memory.  Many people have videos on their phones and want to be able to put a DVD in the player and watch them.  We can transfer those digital camera files to DVD or Blu-Ray as well.

There’s no reason not to enjoy those videos anymore. Just leave it to us!

Video Tape To DVD

1 tape per DVD. A DVD holds 2 hours of video. If your tape goes longer, the extra will be transferred as an additional DVD.

1 tape $30.00
2-9 tapes $25.00 ea
10-19 tapes $23.00 ea
20-29 tapes $21.00 ea
30-39 tapes $19.00 ea
40-49 tapes $17.00 ea
50+ tapes $15.00 ea

Don’t let your family’s treasured film memories literally fade away! Home movies have a short-shelf life because of natural deterioration and can be lost forever. Preserve your 8mm, Super 8 and 16 mm films by transferring them to a more long-lasting DVD or ask us for a MP4 file to put on your computer/website.

Join the thousands of Moto customers who use our state-of-the-art video transfer department. Our professionally trained technicians personally handle reels and reels of home movies everyday. This film is color-corrected and run frame-by-frame through a computerized editing system before being transferred to a DVD, Blu-Ray, or MP4. As is our standard your original film is also returned to you.

Odds are you don’t even have a movie projector anymore, or it probably doesn’t work and finding bulbs for them is near impossible. Think what a joy it would be to watch those old family home movies that are just sitting around! Home Movies on DVD make wonderful gifts for family members. It’s also a good way to preserve family history for your children and grandchildren — for the ages.

Don’t take the chance of losing your irreplaceable videos. Whether you have one film reel or hundreds of them, contact us today to make them safe.

Moto’s Video Transfer Department has taken a big step forward in providing High Definition home movie transfer! We are proud to announce the arrival of our new Reel-to-Reel HD Scanner for 8mm, Super-8, 16 and Super-16 home movie transfer. Now we can have your film digitized and put on a DVD or a hard drive knowing it’s being processed with the state of the art film transfer units!

With a completely digital path and the highest quality capturing codec your home movies, even in Standard Definition, will look fantastic. And, if you want High Definition to a Blu-Ray DVD we can provide that!

Another great feature of the Unit is its sprocketless transport and frame alignment. What does that mean to you? It means no jerky film movement because of damaged sprocket holes.