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What is the GATHER BOX?

Have you checked out our page on Photo Scanning?  The Gather Box is the expanded version of our shoebox scan.  If you have tons of boxes of photos or if you just inherited all your parents old photos, slides, negatives and videos then this is the perfect solution for you.  We carefully scan your photos (as many as you can fit, close the box lid and not damage the photos), up to 50 negatives, 50 slides or 50 foot of reel-to-reel film and give them back to you on DVD for archiving, viewing and ordering.  This is a great gift and is an easy and affordable way to preserve cherished memories.  Remember that the photos must be loose and have to be able to bend to go through our scanning equipment or else we have to charge you a different rate.  The best part is you only have to do this one and then you have a digital copy that you can share with multiple family members or friends and they don’t have to get to the originals.

Other options if the Gather Box does more than you need:


Tired of having tons of boxes of photos or did you just inherit all your parents old photos, well we have the solution for you.  We carefully scan your photos (up to 1000 per “box”) l and save them to a DVD for archiving, viewing and ordering. An easy, affordable way to preserve cherished photographic memories. We will scan your loose prints in sizes wallet through 8×12 for permanent storage, easy sharing and printing. Simply bring in the DVD back to Moto when you want to make prints, books or any of our photo products of your treasured old photographs. This is a great way to share family photographs with multiple family members without having to give up the originals!

Prints are scanned at 300 dpi/JPG in the original size. 2.5×3.5 – 8×12 size prints. Images scanned in random order, additional charges will apply if a specific order is required.


Can’t find the bulb for your slide projector?  Inherited a ton of slides and don’t know what to do with them?  No problem! We can help.  Bring in your old slides and have our experts scan them all to a digital file.


Custom scans of any size original at any resolution, and photo retouching and restoration are available by quote.

If you have questions or would like more information about our scanning services please call us today (502) 493-0046.