Photo Retouching 2017-06-28T15:34:32+00:00

When talking about retouching it can be tricky to know the difference between retouching and restoring. With advances in digital and the saturation of photo enhancement programs, everyone is “photoshopping” these days. It’s expected. It’s requested. Even the name of the program, Photoshop, has become a recognized verb. But with this ease of altering photographs, a medium that was once revered as the ultimate factor of proof, one can easily take it to the extreme.

At MotoPhoto see it as our passion to keep to a few rules of retouching. Our approach to retouching is simple; we want you to look like the best you possible. Here are a few steps we take to ensure you look your best:

    • We like a NATURAL look. We still want to see pores and such. You have skin. We like skin.
    • Blemish control is a must. Adult acne is a real thing but you would never know it looking at our photos. But we do limit our cloning. Your Marilyn Monroe-esque beauty mark will be unscathed unless you beg.
    • Last night’s activities will not be apparent in your face or smile! We get rid of sleep deprivation and hangovers by lightening whites of the eyes, teeth brightening, and minor under eye wrinkles/bags reduction.
    • Bad hair day? We help. 12 Cats? That’s cool. Obvious stray hairs and lint on clothes will be addressed. But your blue shirt will still be blue, and your curly hair will still be curly.

Bottom line: Anything is possible with Photoshop. And we can do that. With retouching we choose no to.  If you want the Amazing then talk to us about our restoration work.