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We all want a professional photographer.  Many places will lure you in with specials that quickly balloon into a small fortune.  At Moto we want you to have a wonderful experience without missed appointment times.

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We want you to look at the school photos and admire the kids.  Our goal is for you to “not” notice what we do.  The proper posing, color corrections, and most importantly the smiling child instead of the photos we all think of.

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Our trained professionals have been photographing events for years. The photographers aren’t afraid to step out of the box to give you the best memories that you can cherish and keep for years.

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Moto is well known for shooting the local league sports in Louisville Area. Our process and trained staff make for a fun filled day with efficient scheduling to make the most of your time.

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Gathered the family for the yearly photo? Commemorating a life event like a birthday, celebration or graduation? If you have come into our store and professional photos done view them here.

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