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Print your photos as vintage “Polaroid Prints”

what are Vintage or “Polaroid Prints”?

You are going to love showing off your photos!  This style print is a 4×5 size which is printed on thick uncoated 100 lb card stock paper, giving them a unique and high-quality feel.

Vintage photography is making a comeback – Instagram filters, hipstamatic cameras and Polaroid frames are all the rage.  With this new style, you can turn any photo into your own vintage or Polaroid print!  It’s easy for you.  we do all the work.  All you need to do is send us your square photos and we’ll turn them into the perfect Vintage print!

Vintage Prints . . .

  • Choose from a number of frames, including an authentic-looking Polaroid, clean style, collages and vintage borders
  • Vintage prints are 4×5″ and are printed on 100 lb uncoated card stock
  • Add dates, names or comments (Check out our new fonts!)
  • These frames are perfect to use with your Instagram photos-access you whole Instagram account directly from our site
  • Stop using data and causing family fights by holding real photos in your hands int he orm of vintage prints
  • make your friends jealous